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*bows* Konichiwa, I'm La Neige; forgive my bilingualness my owner seems to enjoy putting a lot of language software on my hardrive. ^^;

I am a HP Pavilion Moonlight and my name means snow in French since I am almost all white except for my accents of black here and there. I really like my Windows 7 programming; it's much better than my grandpa brick's XP programming(my old laptop).

Google Chrome is my favorite browser it doesn't slow me down one bit. Firefox didn't like to work with me and Internet Explorer made me sick alot. ;_; But I have StopSign Antivirus that helps keep me healthy! ^^

I spend time with my owner on the O and youtube daily; plus I help her with her drawings sometimes. She just bought me a new tablet so we can draw together now! ^__^

Oh! *looks down* I see you spotted my badge. ^^; My owner put a Bleach sticker on my cover since that seems to be her favourite series...I mean you should see how much she has shoved in my pictures folder!

Me: Shut up, La Neige! >.>;;

But, I like it too I always make sure to tell her when the new chapter come out with my chrome app. ^__^

Not only pictures but she has almost 500 songs on my hard drive; I often have a difficult time running iTunes when she tries to update Ivan, my little Nano friend. Ivan had a twin brother named Gustave but he was taken from us by the washing machine. R.I.P. T^T

Sometimes I have to crack down and make her do her homework. I watch her whenever she gets on facebook and the O when she's supposed to be doing schoolwork! >:( So I give her ten minutes and then the site is blocked for the rest of the night! *crosses arms*

Me: You suck!

Sorry! T^T But I don't want us to get separated if you get bad grades!

I'm sorry I can't see you all; it really makes me sad I can't meet you in person. ;_; My eyes(backlight) gave out awhile ago and my sight has diminished into blackness. The only way I can function is with the help of our desktop, Guiseppi; he guides me with his sight(monitor). I'm going to see the doctor(geeksquad) this weekend and undergo surgery so I can see again. ^^ I hope it goes well.

It was nice to meet you all or how we say in my native language~01001110-01101001-01100011-01100101-00100000-01110100-01101111-00100000-01101101-01100101-01100101-01110100-00100000-01111001-01101111-01110101

This is what she looks like normally! :D

I think I may have taken this challenge way too literally but I love it! ^^ Thanks for the opportunity SasukeLover!!

Bow~Google Chrome

Tie~Windows 7

Shirt~My Design on the cover

Shinigami Badge~My Bleach Sticker ^^

I hope you like it!!

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