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Gil's fiancée
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Hello there people!!!! Im just want to introduce you someone! She is Gil's fiancée Reika from one of the most important families in Gil's clan...

Ok Ok... so before you misunderstand anything... Reika is Gil's fiancée but he just cant stand her... ^____^''''''''''' Why? Well she tends to be REALLY pushy, something that Gil does like at the begining but after some time he just gets tired of her...

Reika is also really annoying, compulsive, and JELOUS and knows that Gil doesnt love her at all, but bacause of her personality she keeps stalking him insisting him about having a relationship...At the end, she left with Gabriel after the hunters destroyed their village, but her feelings for Gil remain untouched... she is a little bit crazy so be careful! -__-'''

Reika: *deathstares at Caro* Who are you?... and why are you with Gil?

Gil: Reika... Dont start again!...*sighs and looks away*

Reika: *eyes lighten* Gil, honey!!! where have you been?? *hugs Gil passionately*

Gil: Umm... right here you know... ¬______¬ *pushes Reika away* I need my own space...*goes away*

Reika: O//W//O Ok honey Ill be with you in a second!!! ^///^ *killer aura around her* you better stay away from my Gil....

Me: OAO........TTATT....*goes to emo corner* ... U-Um........ QAQ

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