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Allies Sleepover
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Sorry I haven't been posting a such ;A;

Here is a doodle, sleepover of the allied countries XD
Canada doesn't have anymore space to sleep to in the chaotic scene XD

America- kicking England and pushign China
England- huggling the pillow is being kicked by America and getting to be molested soon by France *shot*
France- Kissing up to England
China - pushed by America
Russia - sleepign tightly

Canada- looks around the scene
Kumajirou- still not remembering Canada

Tony- Fixing America's pillow
Flying Mint Bunny- Looking at England
Pierre- with France
Whale- Hugged by America

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
america, canada, china, england, flying mint bunny, france, kumajirou, panda, pierre, russia, tony, whale
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