Katana (Fan Art Portfolio) 2010 Summary of Art

2010 Summary of Art
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I totally forgot about the fact that I haven't posted this here yet. Ahahaha.

Like last year, I had a pretty good idea of where I stood in terms of site submissions and the like - in fact, the numbers aren't all that different. Went from AP art wracking my brain to college doing the same thing. Fun times!

- January - Standing Tall
Oh hai Miss Senka! I've missed you! Thus continued my weird obsession with odd angles and began my horrible foray into ALWAYS drawing in art history...

- February - Not-So-Self Portrait (Schoolwork, Drawing 2)
A two-day mirror study using conte crayon. This one I end up liking a lot because, well, it was a mirror study. Compare it to the one I did three months previous and color me impressed.

- March - I Might Be Cracking (Schoolwork, Drawing 2)
One day, I learned how to use oil pastel and represent true color. And it was beautiful.

- April - Grouchy Old Man
New tablet, time to kill, tackling a character whose design I couldn't think of for MONTHS. I tend to not draw "olds", as one of my friends would put it, so this was fun to experiment around with.

- May - Confused and Complacent
Doc and Tati continue to be my experimental monkeys for new coloring styles and poses. This marks a turning point for me in the fact that I started caring about shoes and their laces.

- June - Baron von Doctor
I admit to this being goofy and, if you study it, wonky, but heck, it was a quickie that turned out really nice. And it spawned a story!

- July - Kinda Convoluted
...And then I went to a different method for things, which was part Sai, part Photoshop. I like certain things one program offers over the other, and so yet again Doc and Tati got to be guinea pigs.

- August - Masaaaa
Sketch sketch sketch...My friend on DA, Holliness, made a good comment, which was how the shading is getting to be realistic but the eyes throw that off. I think I'm finally reaching a style I can use, at least when it comes to pencil work.

- September - Globe Trotter
Back to doodling in art history! Comments on the shading/sketching style are pretty much the same for the above, except I managed to get her whole body on the page. Shame she has fallen arches.

- October - Take This - You'll Need It (Schoolwork, Illustration)
I forgot how good I was at pencil shading, which is ironic given the previous two. Something about applying it to an academic context, I dunno. This one was tons of fun because I got to take a gamble on using a chibi for classwork...and it paid off.

- November - Wraparound
Forgive me world, for I like my fluff too much. (Also, the coloring on this is BALLER!)

- December - Keep It Coming (Schoolwork, Illustration)
Part storytelling, part doodling, part fun, part work. A ton of characters I have loved, stories I have created, and good times that have been had. This project was intense, but a complete and total labor of love.

Here's to 2011!

See it here on DeviantArt.

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