KiKaiya (Fan Art Portfolio) Secret Santa 2010~ Part2

Secret Santa 2010~ Part2
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Hello again Haxelo-chan. I wanted to draw all of you characters on the list, but I ran out of room on the first one. So I made one more! Though after I read about Austria I did add one more to the list, I hope you don't mind. ^.^;;

At first I didn't know how I was going to draw all of them on one sheet, and then I thought of this. Um... well... as you can see Canada's bear 'kinda' grew and now the Hetalia chibis are declaring war on it(mostly Italy and Switzerland). Prussia stole Hungary's frying pan and is trying to save Italia-chan from Switzerland 'trigger-happiness'. While South Italy is also 'trying ' to help his brother by 'throwing ' a grenade at Switzerland. XD;

Over on Canada bear’s other shoulder, America is reaching for is wonderful Hamburger and England is trying to pull him back in before he falls. Below Austria is pulling a furious Hungary up, after she almost fell chasing after Prussia. And Canada… well he’s kinda taking it hard that his bear is bigger than a mountain now. lolz

I hope you like it!!
And special Thanks for UnknownRumors for putting on the 2010 SS!!!

Oh! And I got the Canada flag from yahoo. ^^

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
america, austria, bear, canada, chibi, christmas, england, haxelo, hungary, italy, prussia, secret santa 2010, south italy, switzerland, unknownrumors
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