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Taberius - Losers
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I drew this Tabs a couple of days after I drew the profile picture of him, and for some reason he looks like a different cat. Like maybe Tabs' meaner, slightly wider, twin. Or something. For right now I'm pretending this is the real one XD

I messed up the coloring, like I told y'all earlier... I forgot to add more orange so he mainly looks tan and brown. There's supposed to be a longer transition between the tan-to-orange-to-brown on his coat. :1

Slightly different pose this time, so you can see a little more of his design. That's the underside of his tail, if you're wondering. And from the front, you can't see the spots on his ears, nor the brown on his back.

Also fixed the finger problem I had with his profile XD He has three fingers and a thumb, officially, guys.

FURRY PELVISSSS~ Can you not stop staring at it? XD I told you it was fluffy. Don't worry though, my anthros will never have anything um... *falters* bad... to look at. Heh.

Again, no shading because that would mean EVEN MORE work to color him, and he's the most complicated character I've ever colored. I'm SO NOT going to make this harder for myself. Maybe one day if I sketch him on the computer, where it'll be easier to color. :1

I tried drawing one side of his mouth up a bit to show he was smirking, and that he's smiling more with one side of his mouth than the other. Did it work? Also showed his right whiskers lifted up a bit because of the increased cheek muscles working.

Orange nose

Bitty feet

Fluffy, long hair

Furry pelvis

Ok I'm done. XD;;

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anthro, calico, gay, losers, neko, tabby, taberius, tabs, taunting, trickster
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