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Alriiight, for my new subscriber MetalHead Soul: a cute new drawing that i did yesterday!! You said you wanted to see new works, and I told you I was workin away and hope to get some stuff up today, so HERE YOU GO ^____^

i really really wanted to draw a super cute couple. I don't know if this quite makes it to "super-cute" but I tried! I still think that it is pretty cute, and I like the outfits they are wearing :D I am too lazy to bother with adding details to their clothes, or patterns, let alone even think about SHADING (god forbid!). Buut i like to color things nonetheless :D So here they are in the pretty colors I picked! I wanted to go with a black theme, but then you wouldn't really be able to see the details of the outfits, which would just be depressing >.>

well, MtealHead Soul, I hope you like it! More to come :D

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couple, cute, in love, kawii, outfit, professional, style, stylish, together
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