Clozimodo (Fan Art Portfolio) Insectiod Uni Project Blueprints

Insectiod Uni Project Blueprints

Hey guys! Look who's not dead (just)! 8D

I have a few pictures to do for friends howeeeever, i still have an essay to write, and a group project due in for next week so these gifts i'm giving will be a little delayed.
My life's changed quite drastically since uni started, got myself a boyfriend (been together near 4 months now), have a bundle of flat mates (flat of 4 boys, 4 girls - separate rooms) and well, i've been doing a lot of house work and everything as well xD
Me and the man are looking for a place so we can share a room next class year, that way it's cheaper for us, and hell, we've been sharing a room most of the time anyway ^o^

This guy, is sorrrrt of, an insectoid. He's a bit... odd, and no, he's not a king, i am so convinced his career path is so random, noone will be able to guess it - heck if you do, i'll give you a free gift art. Coloured and all - hows that sound? xD

We were just required to draw something for our first project to get us in the swing of things, though drawing an insect waaas kinda predictable considering he's a huge star wars fan, and half of the creatures have like, bug heads xD (or at least, after studying them for 3 months i can see a likeness)

Anywho, hope you guys enjoy!

Cloz xxxxx

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
butterfly, insect, insectoid, purple
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