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So I decided to take a break from all the Japanese anime/manga fan art and decided to try my hand at some American comic icons, since well, I am American, and I decided to draw the biggest name that comes to anyone's mind when they hear comics and that would be SUPERMAN!

I'm not sure who the original artist was who drew this, I got the picture from Google images and since it was a pretty bad ass pic of him I decided to draw it. The picture has more to it, he's actually breaking through what looks to be a brick wall in the background, hence the few random rocks in the drawing but since I don't like to draw backgrounds, most of the time, so I chose not to in this one to. I would have to say that this drawing has been by far the toughest I've chosen to do and surprisingly it took considerable less time than any I've done it the past, weird I know, possibly a glitch in the Matrix...? Anyway, as most of you know, I color all my drawings with Copic brand markers, specifically the sketch brand and 72 set B.

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Superman Fan Art
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