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Hetalia OC- Bermuda
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I actually really like this picture a lot.X3 So the first time in forever, I like something I've drawn.

If anyone actually read all this....thank you.

Name: Bermuda
Human: Emma Hill
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 24
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'3

Bermuda is one of the last and the oldest of the British Territories. She was first discovered by a Spanish Explorer. However due to the legends of spirits and devils spurred from the loud and frightening calls of wild hogs kept anyone from permanently settling on the island many of them ship wreaked on. Giving her the nickname Isle of Devils.
In 1609 a flotilla of English ships left for the new world, however they found themselves ship wreaked on Bermuda, leaving possession of the territory to them. She was claimed for the English Crown, and the charter of the Virginia Company was extended to include it. St George's was settled in 1612 and made Bermuda's first capital. Bermuda's culture is a mixture of the various sources of its population, though little trace remains of the various Native American, Spanish-Caribbean, African, Irish or Scots cultures and as of now the island is dominantly English. As of today most people Speak English or Portuguese.
Bermuda has been given many freedoms such as her own currency and she has Representatives in both London and D.C.
However Britain still governs over her but it's not bad considering she is still protected by his military.

Just like half of her population Bermuda is African-Caribbean. Her hair, eyes, and even eyebrows come from Britain. She doesn't mind her eyes but she is often distraught over the effort she has to put into keeping her hair nice and her eyebrows trimmed. Bermuda often dreams of having long hair but knows she could never keep it up. She is known for just cutting it all of when she gets frustrated.
Due to all the tourism from America however her dress tends to be young and otakuish. She loves ruffly flowing skirts that rarely match her shoes or tops.

Personality and Interests:
Bermuda is hyper and happy go lucky. Since she has been governed by Britain all of her life she is rather naive to the world around her. She is accepting of all cultures and enjoys entertaining all the countries that visit her.
She loves writing short romantic novels along with painting large canvass with watercolors. Bermuda is also in love with jazz music and flying kites on a clear day. For her guests she loves dressing up in bright colors and dancing for them.
Bermuda also has a thing for cellphones and taking pictures. She especially enjoys catching her brothers America and Britain actually getting along on camera.

Britain/England/United Kingdom/UK/Arthur Kirkland
She loves him, though due to her circumstances she sees him as more as a father than brother even though she and America are around the same age but she sees America as a brother?(ugh their countries I guess it really doesn't matter).
As a child she was given more freedoms and positive attention from Britain. She is quiet happy where she is and has no desire to become a country of her own. Especially since she is so small.(If this is wrong tell me).
When she is not at home she spends a lot of time with Britain which is why no a days she is more English than anything else.
She doesn't believe in Britain's magical creatures but she does enjoy the stories he tells her of them and as long as she deems them kind and safe she humors him. However she is convinced he has schizophrenia and is afraid to leave him alone for long periods of time. He might hurt himself after all.

America/United States/Alfred F. Jones
She and America met in the early 50s to Britain's dismay. Britain was overall afraid that America would use her against him along with corrupting her. Up till the point Bermuda still had the form of a small child. When she met America however she kind of grew up. At first Britain did not at all appreciate this but Bermuda's loyalties and love for Britain stayed intact and eventually he got over it.
Bermuda is extremely close to him since he out off all the countries visits her the most on her island.
She finds his childlike ways and arrogance humorous and she doesn't mind him dragging her around at all.
In recent times she has become supportive of America in an attempt to lift his spirits in his dying economy that he has no control over.

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