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Precision 2206100 100 % Loaded
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Well i'm finally done this this drawing!!! took a while to finish this drawing and i'm glad with the results. >_<

This would be what my computer looks like as a human! His name would be Precision 220100. ^_^ the reason for tht is the tag my computer has.

anywho now i'm going to talk about Precision:


Precision's original color was white, but since he is a very old computer (14 years old) some of his parts broke down so i had to get new ones which were black and also extra appliances were black.
Ex: keyboard, mouse, scanner, ect......

since when i log in, the desktop is blue so that's why there's some blue in there.

the background is suppose to be the inside of the cpu, all that technical stuff.


Since he's an old computer, he can get grouchy lol, he love to sleep a lot. he is a very serious computer that he does his job the way he wants. he also boss the other programs around if they don't do what they're suppose to do.

his best friends are the mouse, flashdrive, scanner, and keyboard, he also considers them family.

he runs his businesses, which would be Photoshop, Internet Explorer, and so on.

his favorite hang out places would be Youtube, Theotaku, and some manga websites.

he love playing music, but hates getting virus, cause they slow him down especially since he's old. ^_^

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Your Computer as a Human!
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