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I've gotten my L4D fever and this is what just so happened to appear when I got on paint. I love the hunter so its just a fact I would pick him to tweak. So this is me as a Hunter, Theres a whole story with this;
My friend and I decided to go through and name all of our friends as infected, we havent found any survivors yet. Devin: Smoker Katelin: Witch (Nother girl I will not say): Spitter Clay (Friend who came up with this): Tank CJ(My boyfriend): Hunter Bloody(me? XD): Huntress
Yes me and my boyfriend are going hunting tonight. lol. Well I'm also a good hunter in Versus which confirmed me as a Huntress since I'm a girl, I killed three survivors while I left one for my team. They were dead within seconds that I pounced on them and my team got mad because I jumped them before they could kill them off, Free game to pounce on not just theirs. I happened to say it was My kill before hand.

Enjoy, Its the best I could do, I have another picture of a Huntress for Zoe's Contest. Shhh. I shouldnt have told you. But you got to know reguardless.

Comments and favs welcomed? :DDD

Left 4 Dead Fan Art
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