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Dragon Age II is coming out soon! The demo is out and guess who downloaded it even though they've never really played a computer game, can't fathom playing a computer game, is stuck on an ogre boss, and nearly killing poor Marquis in the process? ME!

This is not my Hawke. My first Hawke will be a girl and a rogue. Yes! Like Jae, my first ever DA character. ...Anyway, this is Almeric Cousland. I put a picture of him up at the end of last year. Almeric is my Warden that I've never played. I created him for the purpose of writing him. And that opposing him is an ogre, the redesigned version because I love it. I am an ogre slayer when I play. Jae was a major ogre slayer. When I played her I'd halt the other companions to kill the ogre. And if she died her mabari, Sterling, would kill it. Great team. Yeah, well, one thing I noticed is when I play any vid game I charge anything and everything head-on. Doesn't matter how big or how many, that's just what I do. I twisted that into a character trait for Almeric since I know when I get around to playing him he'd charge head-on. Ogre got you. Tough luck for the ogre.

Some of the blood looks a little off because it was a last second detail. I like doing blood splatter and lucky for Unlucky Dragon Age is full of it.

I'm going to dedicate this to Kelsey, fellow fan. I know you must be excited for DAII as well.

See you all in a few months! Or a year! Whenever!


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