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Read the title.




That's right! It's a combination of every Espada! *3*

His/her/it's name is Nnoiulquigrimmystarrlilibarazommayammihaliszayeniero.

Ahem, so now, the story:

My friend and I were sitting next to each other in Chinese school, being bored, as usual. (I just found out she was an Otaku 2 months ago :3) During our 10-minute break time, which is usually 3 minutes late, we immediately pulled out our sketchbooks and began drawing. XD
So, this time, we were trying to get Orihime's hair color by mixing yellow, dark orange, red, and brown. It didn't work ^^` I always said stuff like, "Should we mix this yellow with this beige or mix this tan with this red or mix this [insert color here] with this [insert color here]?"
I ended up using the word "mix" so much that I got an idea. Why not mix all the Espada to create a super-Espada? :D
We spent the last few minutes of our break working on this. Then I colored it and inked it later. I also came up with the name. ^^

Yeah, yeah, the coloring and shading is horrible, the lineart is also horrible. Definitely not my best work (just look at that suckish hand. XD), but I had to hurry, and this is just a draft. :3

Uwaaah!!! I just realized, the upper body looks male and the lower body looks female.....xDDD

Also, my explanation on the hair is pretty much Lilinette + Starrk + Halibel. Lilinette for the left side, Starrk and Halibel for the right side...cuz, ya know, Starrk's hair isn't that long, so I combined it with Halibel's to make it longer :D That makes no sense, but just go with it. XD

.....now try to guess which Espada elements we shoved into this thing. xDDD

Here, I'll give you a few~

Nnoitra: Eyepatch, sword
Ulquiorra: Eye, green line thingy, mask
Grimmjow: Blue eye thingy, (I dunno what to call them! X3) mask

and the list continues...try to finish it and comment it, if you have time xDD

(By the way, those things sticking out of the pockets are guns. Guns. Guns....Starrk....HINT HINT 8D)

Bleach Fan Art
aaroniero, bleach, crazy, grimmjow, gun, halibel, hybrid, katana, lilinette, nnoitra, odd, starrk, strange, sword, szayel, ulquiorra, weird, yammi, zommari
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