epsilon16 (Fan Art Portfolio) Prisoner of Love

Prisoner of Love

Hi, finally I have finished this artwork. TI really like the cover of 69 so I do my own version. I hope in chapter 70, we get to see a scene like this.

About the title, prisoner of love, it was inspire by a song of the same title by Utada Hikaru which I thought was very fitting. Go look out for the lyrics.. Both Yuki and Zero are prisoner of love in this art. Even though their surrounding is destroyed, they still have each other. Even though there is obstacles and love hurt them, they wanted to be together. That is what I want to represent. So i go to draw the pillar that is almost in shambles and Yuki is chained on her hands and legs. As for Zero, he is injured and Yuki is caressing him.

Zero have a rose vine surrounding him and Yuki and even though it cuts Yuki, she do not care for the pains. Love hurts in some way...

Hope you like it!

Vampire Knight Fan Art
Couple, female, kuran, Male, vampire knight, Yuki Cross, Zero Kiryuu
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