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BMC: Cover!!!!
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be my company?!! cover preview!!!
so at the moment i'm working on a story i call Be My Company?!!! i'm really looking forward to posting it up when i get the pages ready. so far i have the cover the way i want it!!!

The story is about a quiet girl named Fumiko but everyone calls her Fumi for short, she has a bit of a problem, she has a really hard time talking to boys!!! lol

~this is sorta based on a true fact! i can't freaken talk to boys, i get all nervous and shy! and my friend tells relax they're just human! and i'm like i know but they're freaken weird! lol
i thought i would be fun to mess with the idea, plus there's some real life situations that i would love to draw out cause they were funny and embarrassing at the same time and they really did happen!

anyways, out of the blue trouble maker Masaki start showing some interest on Fumi who is really confused and embarrassed that it lead one problem to another!!! lol

i can't wait to post it up but it's still a WIP, i haven't been able to come up with a beginging until now, hopfully i'll be inking pages soon! XD

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fumi, maski, toyotami, wip
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