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Oh meep! >_<)/ finally done~

>w< the Inazuma Character Song Album came out quite some time ago and I (as the only Inazuma jerk around here T^T) drew this thing out from one of the songs, "Starline" by Kiyama Hiroto (Seiyuu: Mizushima Takahiro) =w= well I was suppose to do some improving on my CG but can't focus and turned out to draw Inazuma stuffs again OTL WHHYYYYYY????

Had to resize this one OmO This time it took me 2 days =w= well through the process is about 7-8 hours altogether (most of the time chatting, eating, facebook, etc..) And I suck at colours >3< some of the parts I had to erase and colour again countless of times so...not good =w= I'm wasting my life because of my colour-blindness OTL hope you like it >_<)/

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