Eneko (Fan Art Portfolio) Fursona #1: Mocha Brushtail

Fursona #1: Mocha Brushtail
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I finally got around to making twin references for my two fursonas! Each of them represents one side of my two personalities. Here is Mocha Brushtail! She's a Chinese Mountain Cat.

Mocha represents most of me. I'll end up drawing her most, and whenever I draw myself as a cat, I usually draw her. (this doesn't mean my furry identity is a Chinese Mountain Cat though -- I'm a Nebelung.) First, her name! Mocha is a kind of coffee, and it has chocolate in it, and I'm a major chocaholic and I'm addicted to coffee, especially blended ice gourmet coffees from Starbucks or Seattle's Best Coffee. Her last name I derived from her species' appearance; Chinese Mountain Cats have medium-length tails that end bluntly, making them look like a brush.

Most of Mocha's design is the same from her old ref, but I definitely changed my style to more of a cartoonish kind. I like it better. I wanted to make Mocha look more like her species, so I added a couple more stripes to her arms, tail, legs, and face. A picture of the elusive Chinese Mountain Cat can be seen here!

I gave her a bell earring because I love bells, of course; The other earring is a little silver hoop thing. And I gave her my dream bangs. My hair's naturally wavy, and I won't be able to make my hair part and fall like that, but I like the way it looks and I want it ;A;

Chinese Mountain cats have small builds, and large tufted ears. I happen to like large pointy ears on cats <3 So Mocha has them! I made her two front paws cream, I kinda like them like that. And two chocolate 'bracelets' on her front legs as well. Two slanty stripes coming from each eye make her look more like her species, too.

Kept her freckles! And the cream neck-chest-stomach-butt pattern is still the same. I added more views so you could see where the cream reaches. It intrudes on the inner legs and forearms a bit, too. The bangs on her head only start from her crown (the top of her head) but from behind her cheek fluffs, the back of her head is chocolate, reaching in a narrowing stripe down her back. Resembles my long hair, duh!

Kept her violet ribbon with treble clef pendant, because my one love and pride is my being in band! I'm a major band nerd <3 and of course, purple's my favorite color in the world. :333

She still has her chocolate feet, symbolizing my love for black socks, but also symbolizing my overall love for long, knee-high socks <3 I added another stripe to her flanks, I may or may not leave them on there. :1
Also, added two more stripes to her tail! She now has FOUR rings and the tip of her tail is still chocolate-colored.

Of COURSE I left out certain details on her butt.... X3 I'm not that kinda person to draw that stuff, of course. Catporn, wut? I didn't say nothin'...

Mocha represents this side of my character:
- I sometimes get annoyed easily
- very impatient
- girlier side
- musical talents and love for band
- my chocolate, caramel, coffee, whipped cream addictions
- dislikes chauvanists and guys who think women are lesser beings
- more dignity!
- my good conscience/when I do what is right
- but also shyer in front of other people

That may be all I wanted to say on her... next is Nightleaper! <3

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