Eneko (Fan Art Portfolio) Fursona #2: Nightleaper

Fursona #2: Nightleaper
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I finally got around to making twin references for my two fursonas! Each of them represents one side of my two personalities. Here is Nightleaper! He's a Glowcat. It's a species me and my fox-furry friend made! Glowcats have long legs, long, heavily furred tails, ears that look more like equilateral triangles, and they all have dark, dark midnight fur with glow-in-the-dark, bright neon markings. Each Glowcat has different markings, though, and they also vary in color for each individual animal. They could be blue, like Nightleaper is, or green, purple, yellow, red, orange, pink, or even a shade of grayish white.

Nightleaper represents the other half of me, the more outgoing side. First, his name! I wanted to use the two-part naming system like in the Warriors series and the stand-alone book, Tailchaser's Song, so I set to work thinking of what my Glowcat's name was. He loves things that glow in the dark, and he loves moving and dancing about in the dark. And he represents my desire to be a good dancer. Hence, I found his last name! Nightleaper.
I'm still not sure what his first name is, though... I'm still trying to find it out.

I decided that he has stripe markings, making him look like a mini-tiger. He has stripes that go all the way from his neck to his tail-tip, as you can see. Two stripes on each jawbone, as well, and the tips of his ears are his glowcolor, blue. Forgive the coloring; I was trying a different style of coloring with his stripes to try and achieve the effect of glowing, but it's really tough if you don't have Photoshop or SAI or CPE4 or anything. :p And I accidentally started coloring the tailtip black, so I had to edit it a bit on Paint... >w>;

He has 4 stripes on each arm. I did that for a reason. In Japanese culture, they have two major unlucky numbers. They are 4 and 9. 4 is "shi" which sounds exactly like their word for "death", and 9 is "ku" which is the same as "suffering" in their language. I put 4, death, stripes on his arms to symbolize my intense love for the shooting/killing games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. My love for killing zombies, especially. >w<

I gave him my cross necklace that I wear constantly, and also my little dogtag (or would it be called a cattag...?) that I got from Japan in Epcot at Disneyworld a couple of years ago. On it, it has the Japanese kanji for tiger -- "tora" -- and isn't that fitting? I made him look like a tiger, and his necklace says tiger. On each ear he has two studs. I think I decided to make sure that he had bilateral symmetry... except for his blue streak, of course.

Speaking of his hair....... >w<~<3 So, other than the blue streak, I styled his hair like Ikuto's from the anime/manga Shugo Chara. I'm obsessed with Ikuto-kun!! He's so sugoii... Nightleaper symbolizes all my crushes and obsessions, and the part of me that is a helpless romantic. He symbolizes all my loves. And the blue streak, that represents the bit of my bangs that NEVER stays behind my ear when I tuck my hair back. This little lock of hair is shorter than all the others, and it tends to always hang out in front of my eyes. >.<

And I gave him my wristwarmers! I love wearing them, they make me feel cool >w< but they're really old and worn-out (they were Shayde-kun's before he gave them to me) but I can't find any like them in the stores! D: Maybe Ebay has some...? I needa buy new ones... Anyway, so I gave Nightleaper them to wear. :3

I'm pidgeontoed! It's probably because I'm flatfooted and my ankles roll in and I put more of my weight on the inside of my feet. So Nightleaper has my pidgeontoed-ness. I think it's cute >w< He has claws, and they're not retractable. Kinda like how I love having long nails, and usually always do.

His eyes are BLUE, and his nose and insides of ears are GRAY. Just noting the color difference.

He always wears a glowstick on his tail! Different colors, of course. I had fun coloring it, too. Got to use my Electric Green colored pencil :3

Nightleaper represents this side of my character:
- I am very lazy
- procrastinate
- tomboyish side
- drawing talents, my love for ANYTHING JAPANESE, love watching anime, learning and speaking Japanese
- my desire to be 'cool'
- my spaztic, crazy side
- my bad conscience/doing what I want to do or feel like doing
- more outgoing side
- my fascination and love for glow-in-the-dark things
- my love for Ikuto and any other anime characters, and my crushes on people in real-life as well
- my 'helpless romantic' side
- loves shooting games like CoD:MW2, Halo and Left 4 Dead 2

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