Ryo or Demon (Fan Art Portfolio) The 3 Gung-Ho Guns

The 3 Gung-Ho Guns
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My three favorite Gung-Ho Guns from the Trigun manga by Yasuhiro Nightow : D

From top to bottom, Zazie the Beast, Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death, and Livio the Double Fang. Zazie was the only one to make it into the anime, but to be honest, they REALLY downgraded his character to only fit one episode and he was short-lived. He was MUCH more interesting in the manga.

Livio and Razlo were my favorite (they never even made it into the anime) because of their unique history, and because they're just plain awesome at what they do ^^ And because Livio kicked Elendira's ass, and I hated that guy.

Don't get me wrong, I love Wolfwood and Vash, as well as Knives and Legato (they're my favorite non-Gung-Ho Gun characters), but most everyone I meet has only watched the anime and therefore hardly know of these 3 Guns. ^^

Best manga fight scene would have to be the one between Wolfwood and Razlo >8D

I'm thinking about finishing this piece on Photoshop. Thoughts? I also plan on spelling "Double" right >< I just forgot to do it before I scanned it.

Trigun Fan Art
Demon, Gung-ho, Guns, Livio, Razlo, Ryo, Trigun, Zazie
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