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So this is my contest entry (hardly making it in here!) to Yuri's contest "Make an eeveelution" so here's some info about the pokemon:

Name: Scaleon (scale-eon, not scallion.)
Type: Dragon
size:about 2.5-3 feet at the shoulder, should be about 26-32 pounds at average/preferred size.
How it is obtained/caught: this evolution is one of the harder ones to obtain and cannot be found in the wild. to obtain this pokemon, an eevee must: a) be at least a level 21 b) have a high friendship level c) be holding a dragon scale.
Adaptations: instead of fur, Scaleon is covered in soft, yet strong scales. they are capable of reflecting light in such a way that the pokemon can blend in and almost disappear and are highly valuable. the ridges on its back and down its tail reduces drag when flying as well as change color according to the time of day. (dark purple at night, periwinkle at dawn/dusk, and light purple during the day.) it is known to be as the "wind runner pokemon" for it appears to run on the air instead of flapping its wings. the wings serve as its steering mechanism and also provide some lift scaleon glides. they dont do all of the flying work since they are quite small (only measure around 2.5 feet from tip to tip when flexed) its long whiskers detect air currents and some weather conditions and at night, they illuminate a shimmery light. it is also said that the light they give off is starlight, the power that helps them fly. their talons are self-explanatory.
Habitat: they thrive anywhere away from humans that have ideal places to take off and land such as high mountains, and forests with nearby fields
Disposition/habits: like any living creature, their dispositions have a wide range. but they are commonly curious but at the same time reserved and solitary. Although they are not particularly nocturnal, they are more often seen at night and at dawn than during the day and in the evening since they need to charge their starlight. they love shiny and sparkly objects and some females may keep larger crystals and keep them as if they are eggs. males, however would rather prefer to stash anything they find where they can. they are loving and friendly, yet would rather and much enjoy spending time alone. They mate for life and leave their young after a mere two weeks. they prefer to mate in the fall.
Diet: Omnivorous. they will eat meat as well as herbs and berries. rather unusually, they do not mind medicinal herbs and their friendship level is not affected if fed them.
Battle: Sp Attack: **** Sp defense: ***** HP:**** Attack: *** Defense: *** Speed:*** Accuracy:**** (those are stars. best stats have five.)
Abilities: Battle armor, Cloud Nine, Marvel Scale, pickup, serene grace (sorry couldnt choose just two)

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