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My last footnotes was deleted -______-;

Gary Oak and Jayleen Moore!<3 My RegionRivalShipping in all its glory.

Long story short, from the top left going clockwise, it's tiny events in the RegionRival life. The two kids arguing about an accident causing Jayleen to fly into water (she cant swim). Jayleen has to leave and proposes that the two (Gary and Jay) become region rivals. Next, Gary agrees to being region rivals, fighting for which region is best. Next, Gary, wearing Team Rocket apparel, is yelling Jayleen's name. Jayleen is in Magma apparel *unfinished cough cough* Next, Gary and Jayleen FINALLY have their first passionate kiss lol (They're not naked, I just didnt draw their clothes lol. Like one of those dramatic anime scenes lmaoo) And lastly, front and center, Gary and Jayleen, around age 16-18, in an embrace with the word "RIVALS?" right under. Ohhh, the irony :D

Gary Oak/Blue Oak(or Green Oak. Whichever you prefer.); Pokemon (c) Satoshi Tajiri
Jayleen Moore/Scarlet Moore; art (c) Me[fire.freak(theO)/fire-freak94(dA)

By the way, there are six "Jay's" There's a reason tha will be discussed later, I guess XD (Jayden's is obvious, though XD He's Jayleen's twin lol) They are as followed:

Jayleen Moore(aka Mimi) from Hoenn
Jayden Moore(aka Den) from Hoenn; Mimi's twin brother
Jaylene Bond(aka Jay) from Sinnoh
Jaylean Waters(aka Ellie) from Johto
JayLynn Haruki(aka Haru) from Kanta
JayLi-En Elis(aka Li-En) from Isshu/Unova


Pokemon Fan Art
fire.freak, gary, gary oak, jayleen, jayleen moore, moore, oak, oc, pokemon
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