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EDIT: Woah, woah, woah. I didn't want to start a huge fight here xD; I'll make everyone's life easy and not submit ecards, okay? I understand the other side of the argument perfectly well, so don't worry. I'm a headstrong person by nature and will stand by my opinion. Let's avoid further conflict, please and thank you.

Like the image clearly says, I'm done making cards for now.

I'm really sorry if you subscribed to me for that reason > < I don't want to have to deal with anymore of this bs with guidelines. The rules are unfair, and I have no power against it. Almost 20 of my cards were removed!!! ; ^; Who has time to look through all that?! Believe me, I know how to sneak my way around those rules, but why even bother? No point in being dishonest. It's easier for me to just stop doing what I'm doing.

Maybe I'll be able to update my Playing With Fire world more often now, on the bright side...? xD;; I dunno.

Again, I'm terribly sorry about this ; n; I hope everyone understands. Thank you.

PS. I don't wear glasses anymore xD But it made the picture look more like me, I guess you could say.

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angry, cards, chibi, quit, strike
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