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Even If For a Human
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I'm so proud of this work! I love it so much! But I'm afraid it looks nothing like Alucard. >,< Hahaha!!

I had a lot of time 2 days ago on my hands, even if most of the time I was down at the shop drawing it and my mom was yelling at me, but I got it done! Quicker than I thought! My internet was lagging too, so I had no reference to your OC, so I drew her from memory. -_-; Their hands were the hardest to draw~~ The gun was too... it looks lopsided a bit if you look closely. *_*

I thought of the title when I was in the middle of sketching it all. I quickly wrote it down, so I didn't forget. I haven't read/watched Hellsing, but I read the wiki page summary that you gave me and I pitied Alucard so much~~~ It's so sad~~

I was going to post this 2 days ago, but I accidentally put it into a challenge when I didn't want to and I had to delete it. And yesterday I had a major fever too so most of the time, I was sleeping... TT^TT


As requested by Deena, this wonderful piece of art is dedicated to Immortal Alucard. Lucky you~ How sweet~~

Hellsing Fan Art
alucard, deena, hellsing, human, immortal alucard, oc, request
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