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Cupcake Wars
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Cupcake Wars: Exclusively for Playstation 3
“These cupcakes are sick of being slaughtered and they're after their revenge. You must use all the tools at your disposal to defend your kitchen. Take to arms and prove yourself the top of the food chain.”

I apologize in advance for all the text~

This game plays out like Time Crisis. You start a level and the cupcakes will begin their assault. You start out with 3 tools at your disposal: spoons, forks and knives. Each does different damage and has a varied reload time. You have 4 health hearts and bottles of water can be used to refill it by pressing O. Use the left analog stick [or the optional utensil controller] to aim your cursor and X to fire. Special power-ups can be unlocked [like the bazooka spork] and can be used with various buttons. When you begin only yellow cupcakes will attack but as you advance, more flavors with special attributes will join the fight! Coming Spring 20xx.

Whhhaaaat? Dark Flame uploaded something that wasn’t a wallpaper? Yes I did!~ This challenge was SO MUCH FUN!~ I couldn't even procrastinate 3 months for the deadline~ Everything, with the exception of the playstation logos at the top, was made in photoshop with the pen tool and my collection of PS3 games as reference. I'm dedicating this to Hisaishi, the creator of the challenge, for coming up with such a fun idea~ If you like this sort of thing you should go enter this, I had all kinds of fun working on this so I'm sure you would too~ Leave a comment if you can, full-view & Enjoy~

Fake companies mentioned:
-Dark Flame Games: My [fake] gaming company ;D
-Bullseye: Game engine
-Radioactive Disc: A play on blu-ray
-Groovey didgital sound: Audio provider
-Dark Flame Ratings: For all your rating needs
-Pointless Opinion Magazine: "Everything you don't care about"

-Kitchen in the screenshot [x]
-Layout of the box art: [x] & Games

Playstation, PS3 and the playstation logo are (c) Sony Corp. I claim no rights to them.

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