Vosh (Fan Art Portfolio) Inner Restraint~ Teruhoudendheid

Inner Restraint~ Teruhoudendheid
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Well to elaborate upon my shadow/persona..ill start with the small details like the origin of his name, It is Teruhoudendheid, which is Latin for restraint..which my innner self shows alot of restraint..not so much now as of the me of a few years ago. Teru, represents the inner tourmoil i used to go through bewteen what i would say and how i would say it, almost as if i have to wind up my words before they are spoken. Now Teru holds a double meaning, well more then one..kinda representing the hear no evil..speak no evil, and see no evil, Though in this case it represents how i base things in my life, I dont judge people or things or events through what i hear and what someone or a book says. But I use my eyes , see things for what they are, and what they are not.

So thats Teruhoudendheid within a nutshell , hes not so flamboyant looking or so high caliber but what Teru is, is an iner concsious at work constantly ..hmm

Just for a bonus ill think of some skills for him.
well he really has no strentghs, but he does have a weakness for darkness, sometimes its to inviting to withstand the invitation, now for skills

Mazanma/Magarula ( Yep both nocturne and persona skills, personally i prefer Zan over garu )


Stagnant Air



Mind charge

ok 6 skills is as many as he'll get.

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