hetcheywerewolf (Fan Art Portfolio) Hetchey's first time in being drawn!

Hetchey's first time in being drawn!
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lol well first I draw kenvey! he was ganna b the main character and then I tried to draw Grim (the name on the paper is not his real name I was playing around)

I think then I draw Suekue and dont ask me y but I wanted her blind so thats y she looks a bit creapy. + plus I dont like this pic of her at all.... I cant seem to draw her at all O.O

and then the glory moment!


now dont ask me y or where the ideas came from to add the other or where the story came from after but.... + plus I made up the name Hetchey from out of the blue at skl where I draw this.

Suekue well I wanted it to sound Japanese so this popped up in my head... I dont kn if it does work or not but yeah lol
say if it dont.

on the back of my page it has brife description of them... and they are brife.

Grim: angel of death

Hetchey: fighting skills with sticks, blind, brother
Suekue: magic, blind, sister

Kenvey doesnt have anything? lol but the chain well I think that was from when he was abused :(

but these was created 2010 around may I think but I dont kn as my phone fell and deleted it memory from its card so I cant tell u what it really is but lol yeh
oh no soz I still have it! this was created 9th november 2010 XD I think :)

hope u enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!

happy mangaing

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