OhGazelle15 (Fan Art Portfolio) Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones

So, this was my title page for a poem i had to do in English class:p

Skipping Stones

The asphalt was hot, and sizzled.
Enough to make the tips of my hair frizzle.
But we would never expect.
What was to happen next.
Never the less could it have drizzled.

It was hot today, for it bein gonly late May.
Not a care in the world, not one thing to contemplate, except
For the wind in our face, and the grass between my toes.
My arms spread wide, as if reaching from one side of the horizon,
To the next. Nothing could hide, in this cloudless day.

But the happiness was soon to end.
For the message of life was about to send.
How we would learn it, I will never forget.
The yearn for one more look at you, would be enough.

Screech on the brakes, skid on the road. It was like a stone skipped on
A lake, not knowing how it will take. Plip, plip, plip, Skipped the stone, then it would sink, sink so deep, never to be a keep of ours again.
At the end of their plip, time had seemed to stop altogether.

This happens everyday, I’ll never know, how we will brace this.
Good given grace, will let them be in place, with God forever more.
Just enough to think, they will be satisfied.

Everything is fine, just dandy in time.
For this life I call mine, is crumpling away.
The words, those dear words, that stumble out of the breathe,
Shall be glued to my brain to this day.

Just remember, though, this was not in vain, never should the last breathe be. For that will cause all loved ones’ pain. My throat throbbed, panting, without all of my air. Someone punched me in the gut, that must have been it. For now, I will shut this all from my mind.
And try to think of the kind days of early years, where nothing could
Merely bring us down.

Where has all of the good memories gone? All I can think of is the wail, the wail of cold winds.
It isn’t hot out anymore, I feel deathly cold, and the words aren’t coming out of their mouths.

Crumple in fear, weaken in pain.
As our knees buckle from this heavy blame.
The world is cruel, and careless to say.
For I have experienced the most memorable day.

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