OhGazelle15 (Fan Art Portfolio) What Can We Fight For Now?

What Can We Fight For Now?
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Here's my submission to New Kid's on the Block! Okay, there's a catch in the story.

One day, you cannot be you. One day, everyone is the same. Discrimination is still based off faults, but if you are not perfect; you are evil. The world is corrupting, and Goverments become frantic. Controling thoughts, movements, and lives, there is not stopping them. If you see something you shouldn't of seen, consequences. If you hear the unheard, consequences. Speaking out, consequences. Speaking out, to show yourself to others, consequences. Attempting to live your own life, consequences. Fighting for your right, consequences. The world is 'perfect' yet ending, for those who believe in themselves are evil, even considered criminals, villians.

(From left to right)

BEN: As he grew up in a tough childhood, the things he had seen, were horific, could not compare to any other terrors. until one day, he had wittenesed the goverment kill off a group of small children walking to school. He tried to escape, but could not get away. For his punishments, he no longer can see. For his eye's were 'unpure'.

Ahn: She would sing. and singing is what she loved. But what she loved more, was to talk. Talk about her feelings, about what was going on, what she loved, and who she loved. But as times got tough, her voice spoke louder, and louder. Until it was enough for the Government to hear. They sought her out in the night, she screamed, and yelled, her last yell. Her last fresh breathe. As the stole her right to speak.

Amy: Average girl, only sixteen, pretty; for everyone loved her. She would listen to all of your problems, even when everything was all better. She was always there for you, a real, true friend. But one day, the listening had gone to far. Her friend's Father had been picked out from the Government to use as an expiriment. In fear, Amy fled back to her home, thinking the Government would find out she knew. And they did, on one late evening. She no longer can hear, and a large red F was placed by her ear, to show she was a failure. Yet, Amy doesn't know why she had failed.

Embry: He was fast. very fast, possibly the fastest in the world. atleast what he liked to think. Yet, maybe it was true, for every other atheletic being was chained, slowed, so escape to God know's where wasn't possible. Embry would run, let his leg's carry him about, like wings. Until one day, the running had gone to far. A Government agent discovered him running, and tracked him down. His legs and arm's made of metal now, are in control of him now. It's slowly taking over, until Embry will be no more. Controling every move, until he is finally broken down.

Angel: Angel. Her story is not new. Yet, her slate is swiped clean. As well as her mind. She can remember nothing, only to this day. She never knew what she was done wrong. Only that she was awaken in the street, beaten and broken. If she hadn't of been picked up by an old couple, who know's what would have become of her. Yet things are changing in her, not like any feelings before.

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