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Ace Attorney: Juris Dixon
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I like ace attorney games!
My Ace Attorney Characters~

Juris Dixon (22)
An novice defense attorney. When he was still 19, he was accused of poisoning his father
,a prosecutor, in order to get 'revenge' for making his mother(accused of murder, and
a real killer) declared guilty.
But a certain defense attorney cleared up his name and got inspired by him.
He is now defending people while trying to meet the defense attorney
who helped him and uncover his father's true murderer.

Trixie Spotter (16)
A law clerk/ assistant. She's a journalist-in-training who likes thrilling cases. Her camera
and sharp wit comes in handy for various cases. She is the beloved granddaughter of Juris' mentor.
She loves the shows 'Blue Badger and Friends' and 'Iron Shogun: General of Neo Olde Kyoto'.

Frank Spotter (60)
Juris' mentor and Trixie's grandfather. He is a stern-looking retired attorney running the office where Juris is
working at. He was one of Manfred von Karma's classmates in Germany when thery where still studying law. He is
a bit strict but becomes an entirely different person when dealing with his granddaughter (much to Juris' dismay).

Lance Barrister (22)
A young prosecutor. He is a prodigy pianist at a very young age and had a promising career ahead of him. The reason
for him becoming a prosecutor(which was against his father's will) is currently unknown.
He compares court trails to piano recitals and always carry a baton.

Cuff Riddler (35)
A funny-talking detective who speaks through riddles. Because of his really vague testimonies and puzzling
way of speaking, he is such a poor guy. He's door-to-door neighbors with Detective Gumshoe.

Ace Attorney Fan Art
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