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I entered this just 'cause I wanted to draw somebody wearing the hat...which I SOOOO want! Y'know...maybe I should make one...>:D But they're really hard to draw...'orz

I dunno how this idea came about, I just got it and I was like 'Gotta do it now before I forget'...

I wanted to put an asterisk on her card thingy 'cause asterisks, to me, look like somethings important. It's like the 'Hey! This is important! Look at meh!' sign. I always read the things with asterisks! XD

It's an awkward looking picture...>.>

Oh, and yellow DOES kinda clash with the site's colours, but that was kinda the point. If it's for news and it wants to catch your attention (put an asterisk) put in a complementary colour~! :D So I did blue's complement which is yellow.

I actually wanted to put pink as the outline of the asterisk, but it didn't really seem as clean, I guess...But I really don't like blue...>3>

And the text in the background is because...text...yeahh...most news articles on here have text in it, so text, thar ye go.

I was gonna make a female version of Spikey, but I wanted to do a different kind of hairstyle (I always seem to do characters with short kinda spiked out hair for girls...>.>).

This as fun~! XD

Enjoy! XD

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