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Different Story
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Uh, I've been told that I don't draw enough girls so here's a very unoriginal idea.
My OC's as girls. Although I'd like to point out that instead making guys wear girls clothes or just drawing the guys more girly wasn't my idea here.
I did my charas as if they'd always been girls instead boys, their personalities and such.
Though in Crimsons case, he/she'd never really wear a dress
unless Kouken would gently but firmly force it on him/her ;D

One big bonus in drawing girls is that they are 100x times more easier to clothe.
I can add all the colors and frills and accessories I can imagine!

Tiny tiny tribute to some series which have affected my art and
life generally by just waiting new episode to pop every week
or the insane 24/7 marathons of devouring the series.
Only scratch of the surface but these were some of the easies to borrow due their plushie-like looks.

Takamizawa, Kouken and Crimson (c)Tien-kun, 2011.
Kon(c)Kubo Tite
Kyuubi (c) Kishimoto Masashi
Chopper, Kaku, Jyabura (c) Oda Eiichiro
Sadaharu, Elizabeth (c) Sorachi Hideaki
Ranma's Dad the Panda (c)Takahashi Rumiko
Kyo, Onigiri-Tohru, Yuki, Shigure (c)Takaya Natsuki
Mokona (c)CLAMP
Chiyo's Dad the Cat (c)Azuma Kiyohiko

*wipes brow* Damn you scanner for eating the colors!

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
Chopper, Crimson, Elizabeth, Jyabura, Kaku, Kon, Kouken, Kyo, Kyuubi, OC, Original Character, Sadaharu, Takamizawa
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