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Winter Theme Icing Usagi
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This art was a contest I love to share my art and the hort story

It's time for story

Let's make Ice Rabbit

On holiday in the winter season, all teams are gathering up in one place . ( To refreshing and practicing ) In lunch time , Dan kun asked Ryoma and Kin-chan to go out to see the white snow .
They agreed to do that . They prepared with hat , gloves and shoos but Kin-chan didn't prepare that much . While they wanted to go out , Shiraishi and Tezuka asked them where were they going ? Dan-kun said : " Uh , Simpai we are .." Kin-chan said exciting : we are going outside to play !
Shiraishi noticed that Kin-chan didn't wear anything could protected him from cold , he said : " Kin-chan, take a hat with you .it's cold outside " Kin-chan refused : "It's fine " Shiraishi asked again : " Ken-chan take the hat and gloves " Ken-chan replied : "I'll be fine . I feel worm now !" Shiraishi raised his arm said : " Are you sure Kin-chan" Kin-chan afraid and said " yes yes!! I need ...I need it!! I'll wear them !! "
Tezuka looked at Ryoma and said to them " be careful" Dan-kun said :" Hai ! Thank you sempai Desu !"Ryoma replied : "Mada Mada Dane " Kin-chan put gloves and hat with full tears : " Uh~ Sankyou~ U_U " Shiraishi smiled as usual .

Outside , the land was covered by white snow . It's so cold but sparkling with light rays from the sun . Kin-chan was happy , he ran very fast and his hat felt to the ground . Dan-kun followed him to return the hat : " uh be careful desu !! Shiraishi simpai will angry " . Kin-chan said:" Wai WAI !!! I'll be in problem , ummm but he is not here now YEEEEEy!!" he jumped and ran farther than Dan."Hay!! wait!!" Dan-kun ran behind him ,too.
Ryoma noticed rabbit behind the hell of ice . "humm" with cold voice he said ."Nee, Minna Usagi is here " Kin-chan stopped running and said : " Hommoga? Yeeeay Usagiiiiii!!!" .He ran toward Ryoma's side then Ryoma said :" waaaa!! stop " The rabbit ran away.because Kinchan and Ryoma were collided. Dan-kun felt sad : " The rabbit ran away " Ryoma blame Kinchan and said : "It was his fault " Kin-chan felt guilty and said :"Gomennsai. I wanted to see Usagi for long time " .
Dan-kun said : "Ah !! We can see Usagi again desu!." Kinchan stopped cry and said: " How ?" "we'll make it with ice ,desu !" he replied with more confident . Ryoma sized his eyes and said "Eh ~! interesting " Kinc-han jumped from happy and dance " Let's do it !! Let's do it !!"

They were following Dan-kun advises and gathered some grass and ice. Dan-kun started to make one . the others were watching. He finished from the first ice rabbit it was small and cute . Ryoma said: "Eh , it's very easy " he smiled:"i'll make one , too" Kin-chan wanted to try , too and he did as Dan-kun did. They've finished . Kinchan was happy and decided to make a big one . he gathered snow to make a giant snow of rabbit . In this time Ryoma has finished his rabbit and shewed his friends said: "I made icing rabbit :love: " Dan-kun:"Sugoi desu"

"Eyaaa !!!" That was Kin-chan voice . well , Shiraishi captured him : " Kin-chan where is your hat " " Eh..Ah.. Uh it's ... I'm fine Shiraishi " Kin-chan replied with worried . " I made many Usagi look !" Shiraishi looked at the Usagi , He smiled and said: " Kawaii , but everyone should go back now ". Ryoma , Dan and Kinchan surprised : " It's too early" Kin-chan said that . Shiraishi said: " yup , I know but because your neglected you must go back now "
Everyone silent . Kinchan down his head . Shiraishi put his hand to Kin-chan's head and said : "we'll go together next time with everyone "Everyone with happy face said: "Really?!! haaay !" "uh !! Ecstasy " Kin-chan jumped from exiting .They gathered the icing rabbits that they made . while they were gathering Kin-chan said : " I will wear the hat and i'll be more careful " Shiraishi closed his eyes with big smiling on his mouth .He put his hand on Kinchan's head " yeah , That's right Kin-chan" They head back to the hotel wishing for hot chocolate milk .

The End

I hope you'll like it
My tongue is very long lately XD my story becomes long , too XD ( that's problem desu XD )
I draw the three kawaii from first year in this art ( I didn't put Aoi Kentarou from Rukkau's team here gomennasai Aoi Kentarou XD)

Thank you everyone

© Echizen Ryoma , Dan Taichi , Tooyama Kintarou , Shiraishi Kuranosuke and Tezuka Kunimitsu from anime Prince of tennis belong to Konami.
© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini.

Prince of Tennis Fan Art
Dan Taichi, Echizen Ryoma, kauthar sharbini, Konami., prince of tennis, Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Tezuka Kunimitsu, Tooyama Kintarou
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