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To Binge
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Gorillaz - To Binge
Waiting by the mailbox, by the train
Passing by the hills 'til I hear the name
I'm looking for a saw to cut these chains in half

And all I want is someone to rely on
As thunder comes a rolling down
Someone to rely on
As lightning comes a staring in again

I'll wait to be forgiven
Maybe I never will
My star has left me
To take the bitter pill

That shattered feeling
Well, the cause of, it's a lesson learned
Just don't know if I could roll into the sea again
Just don't know if I could do it all again
She said, "It's true"

Waiting in my room and I lock the door
I watch the colored animals across the floor
And I'm looking from a distance
And I'm listening to the whispers

And oh, it ain't the same
When you're falling out of feeling
And you're falling in and caught again
Caught again

I'm caught again in the mystery
You're by my side, but are you still with me?
The answer's somewhere deep in it
I'm sorry but you're feeling it

But I just have to tell you
That I love you so much these days
Have to tell you
That I love you so much these days, it's true

My heart is in economy
Due to this autonomy
Rolling in and caught again
Caught again, caught again, caught again

My heart is in economy
(Caught again)
Due to this autonomy
(Caught again)
Rolling in and caught again
Caught again

Ok this is what I get from listening to this song, they're separated but want to be together and that they're dreaming about being happy together! (do I make any sence??)
Well I hope you all like it!

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
aph, gilbird, happy, hetalia, hungary, prussia, sad
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