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Princess Friederike (Idike) from Ludwig Revolution (Ludwig Kakumei) by Kaori Yuki. I've read that manga almost five times now, and really wanted to draw sleeping beauty after reading it again recently. So I finished it in time (lol hardly) for anime north XD the manga is entertaining, not so tragic (I think) as Angel Sanctuary but still distinctly Kaori Yuki =] GO READ IT!!! (if you want ^^)

I was planning to draw this on paper but then I spilt water all over my sketch!! (this idiot also spilt water on her calculator and spent 30 min drying it -__-) and when I tried tracing it, somehow it didn't look quite the same, so again I had to color without lines T__T (cuz I can't seem to do lineart digitally)

I think the flowers are lavender, but I'm not sure because the flowers drawn in the in manga don't exactly look like lavender to me... but the manga says the flowers are purple (caught this information after five read throughs XD also thought she was blond until recently when I finally caught Ludwig commenting on her silver hair T__T all the color images were grayscale in the scanlation too! in any case, looks like I don't read carefully enough)

Anyway, lavender in flower language means devotion and distrust, which kinda fits her story cuz she's the only princess Ludwig actually loves and she couldn't believe in her own beauty and abilities because people said they were gifts from the 12 witches

Someone tell me how to draw a flower field and still make them look like flowers please!!

11x17 and 8.5x11 prints available ($10 and 5 respectively)!

Ludwig Kakumei Fan Art
friederike, idike, sleeping beauty
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