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ok so here we have Moon!!! tar-dar!! *waves arms in Moon direction*

anyway I draw Moon before but... well... lets say he didnt come out right :S oh well XD

but yeh I draw him when I was on a trip to c blood brother with my skl. Great play! but not with an ex boyfriend... -_- (ill come bac to him) but yeh the play/musical... dont kn how presice u want it XD I cryed at the end!!

DONT READ IF U DONT WANT TO KN THE ENDING TO THIS PLAY ----->but THE TWINS both die at the end with such a heart touchin song the others sing!!!!!

*wipes tears* anyway Moon was drawn on the coach... cant remember if it was on the way bac or goin there or both? IDK... with my ex bf... askin if I had a toy he bought me still... (ok im a girl I feel things for fluffy animals, even toys... ok I think they'er real sometimes and pet them... (not feed coz that gets messy)) but he was really annoyin and stupid... ya wanna kn PM me and ill tell ya... but its not that intresting...

ill shut up about him now...

ANYWAY BAC TO MOON... this boy is around about (14-19 dont really kn right now XD) he was an orphan which they abused *sexaly* and was sent to a science lab for money O.O with the rest of them... so he had a different name but once they start expermenting on him he forgot his name O.O

well he starts to feel something strange and the man in charge watches him closely but he then finds that he can makes thing happen by comanding the moon to do his bidding like telerporting, hiding thimgs and sence, anything...

well he and 3 other blizz(controls blizzars and snow and stuff), blaze (fire) and Z (electrizaty) ascape with him after they are put in to top security for beening too dangarus

they do go bac and attempt to rescue all the others but they are wanted... Moon as he is the most powerfulis one of all and blizz as he was in love with a girl called angel (no clues to what she is...) so they r a breadin pair

I think one might die but I still dont kn yet... u can have ur say... wot should happen? blizz and angel do do it...

Moon is a shadow walked, reaper, stalker of the night as he loves his moon! and its powers

"soz he sounds a lot like saix but XD heheeee *smiles biggly so people wont kill me*"

yeh if u have any question please write, if u want to speak to him say Moon before u say anything and comment as normal if ya want XD THANK U

happy mangaering out there!

the word 'reaper' is writen in blood *ment to be* that he just wrote from his victoms blood O.O Moon a silent genius! dont under estomate him!

anyway hope u like!!

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