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Little Shark
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Akito (Agito) Wanijima has been my latest obsession after stumbling across an image of him in a straitjacket while looking for a picture of Agito from Origin.

I was so intrigued by this tiny blue haired kid wearing a crazy grin on his face while SKATING in a STRAITJACKET that I looked up the character, which led me to the air gear anime, which led me to the manga.

In all honesty, the manga is good...but the character.... character is amazing. This boy is the sole reason to read/watch Air Gear.

Akito is a boy with a personality disorder. While at times he's a kind, sweet, lovable child, his other self is a blood thirsty, psychotic,foul-mouthed attack shark (Shark is his nickname in the show).

Air Gear is basically about people who ride on motor powered skates and form gangs, but Akito and Agito are (is?) the only one that uses serrated skates and is by far one of the strongest fighters in the entire manga.

That's one of the many reasons I love him. He's a short little boy who can kick your ass with his serrated rollerblades whether he's wearing a straitjacket, or a dress.

Air Gear Fan Art
Akito, bloody road, crazy, fang, king, shark, skates, staitjacket, wanijima
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