Kitty K.O. (Fan Art Portfolio) Semi-Realism--Abbie & Raine

Semi-Realism--Abbie & Raine
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I thought since I'm not uploading much lately, I'd put up something from my sketchbook, which I rarely upload stuff from. These are a couple of semi-realism bust sketches of Aberius & Raine.

The first one, of Abbie, I was sorta not being too serious and originally intended to draw anime-style, but then I thought "Why not do something different?" The eyes are off, though, even after I edited them in PS. they were lower on his face. They probably look odd because I started drawing them anime-style and didn't (or couldn't... the eraser wasn't that great) change them much. So it looks wonky.

Raine, though, I intentionally went into with a semi-realism appraoch in mind. I tried to think of what she might look like if she were human, and I believe she'd be partially Asian. The other part is French, actually, seeing as how her last name is Carabella, which are the words for "Sweet" and "Beautiful" in that order. I think it turned out pretty well, since I drew it in the urgent care waiting room.

Just a little filler until I can get other things together. Tomorrow I'm going paintballing! X3 Hope you like =3

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