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My Gay Boys
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ok so here we have my first yaoi couple .... well one that I have a story for but I dont have names 4 them so if any1 wants to help, me would welcome it!!

this is techonly my third attempt at yaoi (one was a really bad kissing 1 with just there heads and the proporsions are all wrong (not of there 2).... lol and my second I will post later but yeh this is the third!)

oh I kn the yellow eye guy (whos on top) his foot is well mangled and I think there abbs ur all wrong but yeh :/ and red eye guy his body is flying off the sofa and his hands r a mess but lol it all gd yeh kn

now there faces r well :/ yellow eye is ment 2 b smiling and red eyes shocked but yeh :/ lol

now dont ask me y but looking at them while I type (it looks like they have no underware on O_o didnt mean 4 this 2 happen!!! ) but still

now u would think that yellow eye is the true gay 1 but in fact red eye is! but he's shy as his mother thinks hes the devil because of his eye colour O_O so yellow eye becomes alpha (his nickname when they're lovey dovey)

okay so the story plot of these 2 r well long... so u probs wont want 2 read it so u can PM me or I could make a world?

anyway if u want 2 kn their story just say how u want me to desplay it XD and I will :)

hope u yaoi fans out here like this <3

OOOO and this is Dedicated to brokenpixi as she was the first person I told my this story 2 XD thank u 4 listening to me trag on through art XD hahahaaaaa

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blushing, boys, love, lovers, loving, smoking hot, yaoi
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