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Tensa Zangetsu
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You REALLY want to High Resolution this because this is WAY too small hahaha I had to resize SO much for this(the original height was like 3500x4500 px or something)

My half of a SUPER old art trade with findyourresolve on Deviantart ^^

No theme here for the 100 themes challenge..because I didn't really have one in mind when I made this xD

OTL We decided on this like back in December or something so I feel bad I took so incredibly long. I hope you still like the result, nonetheless! >.<

This pic actually had many many MANY conflicts, which is why it took forever to finish. First the lineart had some issues, and the biggest problem was with the coloring. I just couldn't find a satisfying way to color I just went ahead and did what I could.

The main thing about this was that it was mostly coloring practice. I HATED doing the sword and chain, but strangely in the end they were my favorite parts of the whole picture. I experimented with a few little things here and there to create hopefully it looks okay

By the way, I'm aware his hair color isn't green and his robe color isn't red, but I thought it'd make for more of an interesting color scheme if I did it this way.

Last Bleach fanart for a while. I'm gonna clear this to-do list and continue drawing some things I wish I could right now.

Tensa Zangetsu and Bleach(c)Kubo Tite

Done with Wacom Intuos3 Tablet in Paint tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0

Textures from...somewhere.
The moon overlay was actually taken from a creation by racependleton on DA...I couldn't draw my own OTL the lines were too wobbly and non-symmetrical T__T

I hope that everyone likes it! >.<

Bleach Fan Art
bleach, darkness, kubo, moon, sky, tensa, tite, zangetsu
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