SaxGirl (Fan Art Portfolio) Shopping spree

Shopping spree
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This drawing probably took me the longest EVER!O_O; I am not kidding...xD I'll admit that lots of things are off, badly proportioned, or something or other, but I did put a lot of effort into it and I'm pretty happy with the final result. Especially Blossom:3 (the girl in the middle, for those of you who do not know:3)

Wow, I've never drawn hands into that many different positions before!xD That was pretty difficult, I used my own hands as a reference:3 For the outfits - I kept the original colours of course, and designed their outfits (and poses and expressions) according to their personalities, or at least tried to do that as best as I could:3

So - I don't really know how much time I've actually spent on this, but I do know that it took me 3 hours to draw Blossom and her flat colours, same for Bubbles and Buttercup (though I think Bubbles actually took longer o.O;), then 1 or 2 hours to make some minor changes to everyone's anatomy and such, 1 or 2 more hours for the hair (notice all the detail?:3) and 1 more for the shading.

Oh yeah, and I drew them shopping 'cause I felt like it:3 Hmm... I could say a LOT more about this drawing, but I'll stop here!xD I just hope you'll like it!

Feedback, as always, is very much appreciated! <333

Time taken: somewhere between 12-15 hours.
Done in: PS 6 with tablet
PowerPuff Girls (C) Cartoon network
Dedicated to: HametsuKuro, for hosting the challenge!:3


Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z Fan Art
blossom, blue, bubbles, buttercup, cute, green, hametsukuro, pink, red, saxgirl, shopping, style
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