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I Just Smile a Lot
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"I dunno, I just smile a lot. Nothing wrong with smiling, am I right?"

Baha. This is my character Shinitsu. As you can see, the date when I signed this is quite off... for some reason, I signed it when I finished the sketch. :/ Unusual. But anyways, she's a character from my story Dreams. She's not exactly a main character, but she appears from time to time.
Oh yeah, she's also not evil or anything. :> She's totally normal.
I actually don't even read that. :D

Um... her design came to me in a DREAM... which is funny because the story I put her in is called Dreams. Haha. Hilarious.
But anyways. I wanted her color scheme strictly to be BLACK, WHITE, AND HOT PINK. But now her sash blends in with her skirt and AAAGH. Oh well. D:
I kind of randomly added in those trees because the picture looked really empty. xD There's actually supposed to be grey marker at the top of the picture, but it didn't show up when I scanned it. :I Meh. Oh yeah, I also softened the picture on because the colors looked funky otherwise. >_>

Okay, I'm stopping before these footnotes get stupidly long. xD;

Dedicated to Natsu nii for making me want to draw with markers and for being my 200th subscriber! ;3;

Edit: I re-scanned it so the colors look better, but the grey still didn't show up that well. :/ And it's still softened on picnik.

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