The Eighth Sin (Fan Art Portfolio) Caleb -take deux

Caleb -take deux
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Original drawing.

Caleb was the first character from The Unsaid Works' EPIC that I ever drew, and I thought it was time for him to be re-drawn. Caleb's design in 2007 is still exactly the same as it is in 2011, this one just looks 100% better. Took four years since I'm unfortunately a writer, not a drawer.

Caleb is a Rixarian, hailing from the island nation of Rixari. Compared to the rest of the world it is primitive and fairly backwards. The people have a coffee/light coffee luminous complexion, hair of various shades that hold a florescent like quality, and eyes of various shades that shine. When angry their eyes may appear to glow. They're also fairly tall, burly, strong, and agile. Example: Caleb's father is somewhere around 6'7"-6'10".

Caleb is the youngest of the "main" characters at 15. If anyone wants they can look at a big part of his backstory on my dA.

Dedication for Bobby who is supposed to be drawing Guise.

© The Unsaid Works. All rights reserved.
Caleb kara Masou, Rixari, all related concepts, story, and art belongs to Bella-Dean "Unlucky" Regnavi A.K.A. SSC

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