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Clingy Child

a kinda oldish drawing i did based on a sesskag story idea of mine, currently just sitting as a lone document in my ideas folder among many others waiting for their turn to become real...

this is Kagome, of course, and she is holding a child InuYasha NOT HER AND SESSHY'S CHILD--just felt i should make that clear, though i suppose if you want to view it that way you can--, who is supposed to be twirling a bit of her hair on his finger case you couldn't tell :shrug:

the title is because in the story, child Inu takes a strong liking to her over everyone else in the palace--at first-- since she was new and uncomfortable with her unwanted position and so wasn't overly liked by the other women there

i did actually do a teensy bit of coloring on cause i wanted too and was doing some on some other pieces....i was mostly trying to fix her eyes...i had had this nearly complete for a while except for the face and when i finally got to add the eyes they turned out not i was working to alter that some, it's better..but not much T -T

so yeah

art by ME

Inuyasha Fan Art
child, color, fanfic, inuyasha, itsumademo, kagome, sesshoumaru, sesskag, story idea
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