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It's a pretty big file since there are many characters crammed into this drawing
Some of my drink gijinkas from Drink Club(I made a title so that they wouldn't be too lonely)

You can find the bigger file at DA: HERE

I added some characters but still not complete:

a festive guy who loves his Margarita(his girlfriend) but usually gets beaten up when he gets too lovey-dovey

Tequila's girlfriend she's noticeable for having a lime hairpiece and senorita outfit. She's a bit classy and usually stops Tek-kun from his advances. She has other relatives that Tequila also loves like Sunrise and Matador, But she's the one that Tequila really loves.

He was once a samurai but mellowed down a bit. He's a bit forgetful now. He has many friends like Mirin, who loves to cook and visit him.

He's a jolly individual he loves to have Oktoberfests when he's really happy. He has a sister named Ale, who is a bit boyish and stronger than him.

Beer's sister. She's a bit badass and would beat someone to a pulp when angered. She's also a bit stoic but when she's drunk, she'll go into a rage of fury.

Bloody Mary-
Vodka's fiancee. Due to being the most popular Cocktail-tan involving Vodka (Readeloved), she hate the other ones and would chase them to hell with a passion. But other than that, she's a sweet girl

(or Vodka-sama for Bloody Mary). He has a competitive rivalry with Gin(Though Gin usually doesn't mind him) and an abnormal passion to become 'one' with Vermouth. It's to become the new 'Martini' he says, but Vermy doesn't have a clue why he's befriending him.

or Vermy for short Gin's adoptive brother. They were once known as the 'Martini Siblings'. Now that Gin's not a bad boy anymore, Vermouth always pester him to revive their days as the original 'Martini' Duo. Vodka always tells him that they should be the 'one'

Once an assistant for doctors then turned Bad Boy during the Prohibition then turned secret agent, Gin tries to make his friends forget about his unpleasant past. He's a bit of a worrywart for his 'brother' Vermouth.

He's always fabulous to the point that he always sparkles even when in trouble. He hates his other wannabees that calls themselves Champagne since he made it a rule that Champagne would always be from where he lives.

An elegant girl a friend of Champagne. Always hangs out with their elegant friends(Red:Wine and such). She's a rather cheery girl.

His a bit of a gentleman. He loves to sip tea always. He has a lot of relatives around the world like Earl Grey, Nilgiri, Darjeeling, Assam etc.

Tea's number one competitive rival. He's a workaholic and can't sleep well at night that's why he makes strange noises at night, annoying his neighbor , Tea.

She's a sweet girl but a bit shy. She has really strong bones and can carry alot of heavy things. She's a bit clumsy though.

She's sweet(also literally). She loves to hang out with Mocha and Cappuccino.

He's very young and hyperactive. He has to major admirers who fight for his attention, *Bleep* and *Bleep*, resulting to the Cola War. lol He usually teases Water for being too 'bland'

He's a really sweet guy and softspoken. He doesn't stand out much, due to lacking any 'flavour'. But he's really strong and helpful

... that's it. I'm wondering what other drinks that's good to make a gijinka.
Suggestions are really welcome

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