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Through the Mirrors veiw-Vinuse
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My entry for VivaLaParadise's challenge: The Protagonist

This is Vinuse...One of the 3 main characters in my manga, btu I only drew her though due to being tired & emotionaly stressed... The baby dragon by her is Deleron, he is her summoning dragon... He SOOOO CUTE XD ehhhh... I mean continue please! Oh to read my manga go here

This is Vinuse Spell

birthday: June 2nd
Age: 13-17 (throughout my manga)
Race: Witch
Grade: 8th-12th
Place of birth: Selveta City in Magic realm
Current residence: some small town on earth (human realm)
Height: 5'2
Weight: 104 lbs.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
dominent hand: Right
family: Her mom, dad, & grandpa, great aunt & uncle...doesn't live with any of them.
Friends relationship: Only has 2 constant childhood friends, Shawn & Allison
Education: currently in Jr. High
Fears: None that are known
Good Qualities: smart, and very caring
Bad Qualities: Clumsy, and accident prone...
Quirks: Spaces out...alot...(heads in the clouds)
Others: She is a normally sweet girl, who is a BIG cluts... but when ticked off or annoyed can be a bit of a hand full... Her 2 best friends and her are closer than close... practically famly even though in the magic realm they live in different territorys... She is strong willed, and stubborn, not to mention extremley independent...

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
High school magic, original, Vinuse, vinuse spell, witch
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The Protagonist.
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