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Meet Damien! (from my series called The Seventh Degree)

Full Name: Damien Reul (with an accent on the e that I don't know how to include >//<)
Age: 28
Nationality: Ukrainian
Birthday: November 25th
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Height: 5'5''
Typical clothes: A long dark tan coat, black leggings, and bright red boots
Typical weapon: Silenced pistol

Personality: Damien comes off as rude, snarky, and difficult to get along with. He enjoys using sarcastic and sometimes sardonic wit, and doesn't bond well with people. If he does bond, however, he is extremely loyal to his friends and genuinely concerned for their well-being. He can be a real sweetheart if he wants to be (though he denies this); his nasty, cold shell is mostly the result of his insecurities about himself.

Likes: guns, especially pistols (he's an excellent shot); music; piano (he plays extremely well); all kinds of plays and shows, especially operas; dry humour

Dislikes: killing; being deceived; being surprised; not knowing everything about his situation/mission; people who ask too many questions; animals (yet he has a dog...)

Damien is a member of a secret society called The Seventh Degree, a group of seven people who go on a variety of missions, each with seemingly random purposes and only one thing in common: they involve historical artifacts or documents. Damien's codename is Five, and he is in charge of espionage and, basically, conning (although he was originally recruited as the group's assassin, he despises killing). Though he holds a fairly high rank in the Degree, he still isn't privy to all intelligence and is often kept in the dark about his missions.

He and his "trainee", Rudolph Heidrick (codename: Three), along with his secretary Rita and a somewhat annoying Chinese Intelligence agent called Fujian, complete various missions for the Degree. However, Damien begins to realize that sinister things are going on in the Degree's upper ranks, and that this society may be covering up more than he could have ever imagined.

The plot is hard to explain, since this is a long series with multiple subplots >//< Damien himself was drawn traditionally, and the background was done in

This series is one I've been putting lots of work into, and Damien is one of if not my favorite original character that I've created. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about it and about Damien! Thanks so much for reading! ^^

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