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Almost Princely

Meet Prince Jesse.

Jesse was born to a rich, admired royal family--the royal family, renowned world-wide for their astounding spiritual advisor, and closeness with the heavens.

The King, his father, was known as Lord Adrian. He was put down as the best king their kingdom had seen, as all of his predictions from God proved true, over short amounts of time.

When his wife admitted to being with-child, it was a dark, dark time. They were at war with another nation, and experiencing a deep drought and famine--he delivered his most admired God-sent prediction to his entire kingdom, standing upon his balcony.

The child would be male, and they would win the war. When the child was born, all would be well.

And well it was!

With such a prediction proven true, the King was overjoyed with the birth of his child. Surely, when the child showed to be male, he would become more than a king. Adrian would be a saint. Second only to the gods.
Nineteen years later, King Adrian and his wife, Queen Arabella, were indeed hailed as saints. Prince Jesse was the perfect son: angelic, to say the least. His mannerisms were glorious, his charm second to none. Though, not too-terribly intelligent, nor fascinating in conversation, Jesse was considered to be perfection. All he needed was a wife.

The royal family, however, had a secret.

When Jesse was born, Adrian realized immediately that something had gone terribly, terribly awry.

His son, his heir, and the end to his war was female.

His honor, his kingdom, and his God was lost to him now.

There was only one way to fix it...only one way to save his honor, his royalty. So Adrian did.

Adrian lied.

And now, with a nineteen year-old daughter, Adrian realized everything was beginning to fall to pieces.

Jesse was expected to take a wife and become King soon. It would be would be disgusting...

And with his daughter already deceiving his people with her two-faced personality, he supposed that would be acceptable for her. The vixen.
Okay, well, I actually spent, like weeks just coming up with her personality and life--I may be posting tidbits of it in a world of mine, I dunno.
Okay, well, let me explain.
In public, Jesse acts like an over-mannered pretty-boy with no personality and no brain.
In reality, Jesse's an angry, obnoxious prick with high standards. There's not much she hates more than her family's followers, but she truly despises the brainless princesses she has for cousins.
In the middle, it's Jesse and some lady with one hand. See, the idea was she would be a foreign maid; not only is she polish--she's very hated by the patriots of the country--and an amputee, but she's also blind.
Jesse had taken a fancy to her since they were children and she was the daughter of their new gardener--hence why they kept someone in such a state as a maid at all. Jesse's father was outraged at first, until he figured she would make the ultimate wife for his failure of an heir; being blind and unable to tell if it was ever truly Jesse.
She would become Jesse's wife, and Adrien would impregnate her to kill suspicion about Jesse. Jesse would actually fancy her, and take quite poorly to that, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, I'll probably post a ficlet about them later, as I said xD
Jesse loved the imperfection of her--Jesse loves broken things, foreign things...things that aren't right; like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece. Jesse always sympathized, which is partially why Jesse hates her 'perfect friends' and family.
Top right would be me sketching out chibi Jesse in her two-faced situations. On the left side it would be her with her 'friends', the right she's with her father.
And top left, it's Jesse with her mother and father. She and her mother are extremely close until her mother commits suicide(Jesse was an affair child, and Arabella blames herself for her gender) and Adrian and Jesse detest each other very, very strongly.
...Whew. I planned out more than it looks like, I swear! Sorry this is so botched.

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