animegirl171 (Fan Art Portfolio) . Don't ask, I don't know ... xD

. Don't ask, I don't know ... xD
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About the title; if you're asking what this is , I really don't know.
I didn't draw in a while , and as much as I enjoy and love to draw looking at other pictures, it sometimes gets a bit tiring. So I just doodled ^^
and I have no idea why I'm actually submitting this..:D
1. is the first doodle I drew on this, it's unusual because I always draw people smiling
2. I only tried to draw people in profile a few times, and it never turned out good , so I'm just a little bit happy with this one
3. believe it or not, that thing is a guy. Yes, you heard me right. I never draw guys. I only tried it once before, and it turned out as a girl with short hair ^^' . So I just wanted to try it , and it's a fail xD
4. Megane- chan :P I drew people with glasses only a few times before . As why they aren't on her eyes, I just felt like drawing it that way. And it's in some weird style, I don't know which one, I't just turned out that way. But it seems familiar, sorry if I copied anyone...
5. A shy girl with bangs over her eyes . For some reason I like her^^

So, I mostly drew things that I haven't drawn often , for practice. They all are in somewhat different styles, I didn't try to change styles , I just drew whatever and that's how it turned out xD
I like 5. most and 3. least. You could tell me what you think turned out best/worst
And I'm aware this isn't good :) I just haven't posted in a while, so.. And sorry for the long description ^^'

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