tavis harts (Fan Art Portfolio) My little satyr: rarity

My little satyr: rarity

Moar ponies!!!!

I've decided to do a set of all 6 major ponies as satyrs. Starting of course with rarity. ~.^

I have to say I feel a bit like an idiot for not thinking of this sooner than I did. I was sitting at work for several hours going "you know, I want to draw them as a human but I like their tail and cutie marks. But I don't really just want to put a random tale on a human or try to force a cutie mark on clothing.... "

Then the facehoof moment hit me.
Whats my favorite mythological creature: satyr
What would let me do that with ponies: a satyr
What the hell was I talking about needing to draw more just earlier this week: satyrs.

Now you guys to to enjoy my favorite creature too. I spent a lot more time on her making sure that the fur came out right. I hope you like her.

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